There are many things this blog will explore but there will be two main themes; human sexuality and fashion. This blog is not intended to be blatantly pornographic but will include material that some may deem as indecent. For those that are offended by alternative lifestyles or for those that are not of legal age in their country to view material of a sexual & adult themed nature, please do the right thing and politely excuse yourself now. For the rest of us please, let me introduce myself. For the purposes of this blog my name is Paparazzi and my wife / life-partner is Jade. We are fashionistas, epicureans, and all around indulgent people. This blog will be my means of sharing in our exploits and explorations. Eat, drink, enjoy and make love.

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Uncovering A Hotwife *Adult Content*

Hotwife: “A married woman that enjoys having sexual affairs outside of her marriage and has the blessings and encouragement of her husband.”

This was something I was not aware there was a term for until about a year or so ago.  Jade and I started sharing our fantasies as a means to connect and as source material for our moments of dirty talk.  In one such session while she was writhing on her back with my fingers lodged deeply inside her, she came out with it “There’s someone else out there I want to fuck!” she exclaimed breathlessly.  Naturally my eyebrow lifted in curiosity and interest and I probed her for more details while probing with increased vigor inside her pussy which, had become noticeably wetter. “Who?” I asked as my hand became a blur between her thighs to which she shook her head “I…I don’t know” she managed out between lustful gasps.  I was already hard, but hearing this turned my cock into a shaft feeling like it was filled with concrete.

I already knew she had a three way once before and loved the experience, and knowing how lustful she is in general I took a leap in our dirty talk.  Pulling my fingers from her dripping and quivering hole I got on my knees between her splayed thighs…poised at her entrance I looked down upon her heaving chest and flushed face “You just can’t get enough cock, can you?” I asked, my voice steady and gravelly; evidence of my own inflamed passion.  “I need it!” exclaimed Jade, as I taunted her…touching her but not entering.  “What do you need?” was my reply as I smiled to myself, watching this lustful flower blossom before me “Your cock” she cried back and with that I pushed passed her lips until just my phallic head was rooted inside her and I paused, “You need much more than just my cock, don’t you?” I pressed while sinking into her with an agonizingly slow motion.  “Yes…yes, I do” she called back in something between a whimper and a lustful moan.  With that I gave it to her, the rest of my shaft sinking in to the hilt giving her at least some of what she craves.

Since then the subject of her taking on other lovers with or without me present has been the subject of many a dirty talking conversation and many more rational, serious conversations on the subject.  There is only one reason I can be open in sharing my wife with other men; in the 13 or so years we spent apart she was almost married more than once.  Engaged to men that are much better looking than I, infinitely wealthier, men who could put the world at her feet and each time she walked away.  Why?  Because they were not me.  Without this level of trust, regardless of how much the idea turns me on, sharing her with others is not something I would so easily have considered.

Since her unveiling as a hotwife, we’ve walked down that path only once.  She’s had a few dates and has another tonight.  I look forward to her coming home to see if she’s found a winner with this one.  Eat, drink, enjoy & make love!


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Fabulous Finds – Gadgets & Gear For Guys

Disclaimer:  I do not golf.  Aside from a few rounds of miniature golf and many hours playing Tiger Woods PGA Tour on my friend’s projection screen, I’ve stepped onto a golf course with the intent of playing golf all of once.  Midnight ice-blocking races don’t count.  But, I do drink and who doesn’t appreciate a cold one?

Introducing the Par 6 Golf Bag Sixpack Cooler!


I believe the genius of this innovation to be self evident.  This might just get me golfing!  Eat, drink, enjoy & make love!

My Introduction to Fashion

I owe my interest in high fashion to the film director Luc Besson. In 1997, sitting in a darkened theater I am looking forward to the just released science-fiction film The Fifth Element. At the time Jean-Paul Gaultier is an unknown to me, at least as far as the brilliance of what he is capable of. Perhaps I have heard the name a time or two and it rings a bell in my mind, but no other knowledge. I am enthrawled with the costumes in this movie, never before have I seen anything like them. In particular, Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg’s attire. The pinstripe high collar suite jacket, the shirt he wears while sitting behind his desk at Zorg Enterprises. The film finishes and I stay behind reading the credits to see who the costume designer is. The name rings a bell in my mind but I’m unsure of anything. I begin to look into Mr. Gaultier’s work and this is my stepping off point.

I wish that I could say I have been active with this interest ever since then. I would notice certain pieces here and there, something would catch my eye in a commercial but by and large the interest was pushed to the back of line. I think at the time I was uncomfortable with it. I loved my jeans, my t-shirts; my only brand loyalties were to Levis and Doc Martin. I was afraid to look nice, polished and refined. Metro-sexual did not exist and men who took that much pride in their appearance and clothes were generally thought of to be homosexuals. I had homosexual friends, but I didn’t want to be mistaken as one myself at that point. I cared too much what people thought. A point of irony for a generally rebellious teenager well entrenched in the heavy metal and industrial music scenes.

This all began to slowly change, due in large part to my active night life. By 1998 I was a club kid. Various chemicals were the catalytic element for the reaction which, allowed my exuberance to start bubbling to the surface. Boots were traded for outrageous statement shoes, t-shirts for velour and crushed velvet button downs. I won’t say I had a good sense of style at this point but progress was being made. I could comfortably express my taste for colors, textures and different materials in a subculture that was not going to judge or criticize so long as it was fabulous and the more outlandish, the better!  Eat, drink, enjoy & make love!

Fashion High

I have not been high in a long time.  It has been nearly 3 years since I’ve taken a pill, smoked, snorted or had the endorphin rush of spending hours on end on the dance floor, hammering it out to the cacophony of sound that was the club scene in the late 90’s – early 2000s.  It was at Last Call when I got high today, Jade and I had already been shopping for hours and the store was near to closing when we saw them; a skirt by Nina Ricci and a gown by Zac Posen.  We took them into the dressing room and I sat back in a chair unaware of what exactly I was in for as I watched jade slip out of her dress before the three way mirror.

Nina Ricci was up first.  It was as if the fit model had been Jade’s clone, this skirt was made for Jade.  A light weight material, a slight reflective quality hinting towards silk but I am not sure.  She stood before me, in front of the mirrors with her black brazier, her wedge heels and this skirt.  It framed her hips like a classic pencil skirt though the front was gathered just below the waist with two pockets providing for a sense of dimension the traditional sleek flat lines of a pencil skirt often lack.  The print was small and floral, not generally my taste but this worked.  This worked very well and I knew she must have it.  In my minds eye she is walking through the East Village, poised, immaculately self styled and owning it.

Next up is Zac Posen.  I had never seen something like this before; strapless and form fitting above the waist, it flowed down into a billowy crimson pool which fed into a slight train.  The unique aspect of this gown was that the seams were raw, frayed and the  material extended beyond where it would normally providing for a sense of unfinished creation.  Dynamic and raw.  Again, it was as if this dress had been made for Jade’s body.  I was in awe and at this moment I felt it.  My attention focused on my beautiful Jade before me, the rest of the world ceasing to exist.  Clarity; regardless of how it is, this is how it should be.

Alas, like any high there is the coming down on the back side of things.  The Nina Ricci is stashed away in the back and I very well may go pick it up when the doors open tomorrow, hoping to catch it before it goes back out on the rack.  Sadly for now the Zac Posen will have to wait.  This gown may very well be my Moby Dick, there will come a day when I will search for it again and when I find it Jade will own it.  In the mean time; eat, drink, enjoy & make love!

A New Find

My newest find.


I love finding new things; fabulous, fashionable and colorful things.  Walking through a department store this weekend as per our usual weekend rounds we pass through the men’s department.  We both love shoes.  Often I find myself thinking it would have been much more fun to have been born a women for their greatly superior choices in fashion over men.  While I have my fetishes, cross-dressing isn’t one of them so generally speaking I spend more time admiring women’s fashion that I can envision Jade wearing than I do shopping for myself.  This particular weekend was an exception.  Not only had I stumbled upon a wonderful deal on a great watch and a Psycho Bunny button down dress shirt earlier in the weekend but Sunday, I find these loafers.  Now, initially it was the brown suede DACIO2 by Donald Pliner that caught my eye, however the store did not have my size except in these black suede ones.  I tried on the brown first and walked over to where Jade was.  It was later confessed to me that her first thought was ‘those are the gayest shoes I’ve ever seen’ but after a second or two of looking at them she really liked them on my feet.  Jade has a much more refined sense of fashion then I do, so when she likes something that I do as well I know it is nothing to pass up.  As it happened the black suede pair was on sale!  So we got them of course.  Now the funniest part of the day came when later at home we were cleaning and as things finished up I took out the shoes to admire them again.  “Just promise me you’re not gay.  That in five years you’re not going to tell me you tried your best to suppress it” and I just laughed.  I love fashion and I love color but a homosexual that does not make.  “I can’t promise you I’m not bi, but I promise you I am not gay” was my reply and we both laughed as that plays into our mutually shared fantasies.  Eat, drink, enjoy & make love!

Breakfast is Served *Adult Content*

Jade’s favorite time for making love is just as she’s waking up, though don’t be mistaken as she’s no morning person – “good morning” is a swear word in our household. “Groggy sex” she calls it and I can’t complain.  This morning I woke up earlier than usual and rather than going back to bed for another hour or so I decided to use the extra time to be leisurely in getting ready for the day.  A long shower, a careful shave, reading etc.

This particular morning I left my collar stays in the bedroom so I quietly slip in through the door as to not wake her unnecessarily.  Unfortunately (or fortunately as it were) I was not quiet enough and she began to stir.  Laying there, sprawled across our king sized bed with her delicious 32c breasts spilling out above the white sheet laying at an angle over her ribcage and narrow waist her eyes fluttered open and looked up to me.  Looking down upon my siren in the sheets, fully dressed for a day full of meetings she kicks the sheet down, twisting and writhing “if you can’t fuck me, please at least just touch me before you leave” she pleas.  Now, we live in a hot and at times very humid climate; vigorous sex means sweating and I’ve just finished showering and getting ready for my day.

I look down at her and with out a moment’s hesitation I reach for my belt unfastening it, my fingers releasing the button on my slacks letting them fall about my ankles before stepping out of them and pulling my shirt up over my head.  She’s addicted to me and I am to her, I need to feel my cock pressing against the resistance of her tight little pussy and she craves to feel me inside her.  She’s a double zero dress size just shy of a hundred pounds soaking wet holding a brick, so when I say tight I mean it and she knows how to use it.

Propping a pillow up under her hips she lifts herself up for me, her legs spread wide and I smile as I position myself, feeling the crown of my head pierce her entrance.  Spreading her as I slowly push myself in completely eventually sinking in as far as her comfort will allow I take what is mine.  She tenses, flexing the muscles in her pelvic floor, her pussy milking around me…squeezing and releasing in rhythmic pulses like a warm wet velvet glove about a size too small around my cock.  Her lips part, and short fevered gasps escape from between them; I think to myself as I do each time I see her like this ‘this is when she needs a cock in her mouth, to silence her wanton siren songs’.  She looks up to me, her almond shaped brown eyes glazing over “I’ve been a naughty little slut” she proclaims as I shift my hips into gear and ramp up the pace.  It’s ecstasy fucking her, it’s like our bodies were built for each other.  I know she’s had bigger and she admits to liking to work for it from time to time but she takes me perfectly.  She often inspires me to stay hard through multiple orgasms.  Laying over her, my fists in the mattress at her sides I look down on her.  It’s a special feeling fucking such a beautiful woman whom I know is mine before I head off to the office.  Pulling my slacks back up she rolls over onto her knees, breasts pressed down against the mattress with her arms spread out above her head.  Her brunette hair spills across the white sheets, some of it matted in sweat against her cheek and neck….her waist narrows, wasp like above her hips.  It’s perfect for a corset and I look upon the hourglass kneeling before me..her ass and cunt are in perfect view and I shake my head from side to side, imagining a bondage tie I’ve not yet put her in.  “You are dangerous for my career” I say with a soft chuckle while redressing, “How can I focus on work when I know this is what is at home in bed for me?”  I know this is every bit intentional on her part, she’s knows what she is and what she’s capable of.  Honestly I am not sure who submits to who sometimes in our relationship, but then again I like my lines blurred so it matters not.

Call me weak but I cannot resist it and I drop down in place behind her, my face meeting her back side  as I lay a series of kisses and languishing laps of my tongue across her freshly fucked pussy.  Breakfast of champions.  We often joke between us that I have a few canary feathers stuck between my teeth which need plucking out, and it’s true.  Everyday I feel like the cat that ate the canary and love every moment of it.  She often says that Cleopatra could seduce a man at thirty feet; she can do it at a hundred and it’s equally true.  Eat, drink, enjoy & make love!

Snack Time part 1 *Adult Content*

I dropped her off at 5:30pm.  She had a date with one of her “snacks”, I think she’s determined this place to be her favorite for her first dates as the staff recognized her from having been in a few weeks ago which gave us both a laugh.  She looked stunningly beautiful adorned in a very architectural, form fitting white strapless above the knee dress, black nail polish peeked out from the toes of her camel colored five inch heels which we refer to as her “trouble” heels.  Matching black polish coated her fingernails and her thumbs accented with a flat-back Swarovski crystal.

While I waited at home for her night to wind down, my imagination kept wandering back to the bar and the two of them.  I knew the bar was in a hotel, a very nice one at that and in my mind after a few drinks they head upstairs to a room where he pushed her down over the edge of the bed and she received her third ravaging of the day.  I knew this was not going to happen as we have our protocols in place for such a thing, regardless this is where my mind kept going back to and consequently Jade gave both her snack and I a raging erection.

A little background is due here I think.  This was something we decided we wanted to do one night about two years ago.  We had been at a fashion show / release party where on our way out, someone caught her eye and she excused herself to go speak with him a moment.  Jade is a shameless flirt, she knows it and she’s very good at it.  I don’t mind this at all as I think flirting is a good thing, it’s healthy and helps instill confidence in both parties involved.  Everyone likes to be flirted with, or should anyway.  What caught her eye initially was how the man was dressed.  Like me a bit heavier than most there, but carried himself with confidence and it showed in how he dressed himself.  Their initial conversation led to the four of us meeting at a near by bar after the party ended.  What we didn’t tell him and his roommate was that Jade was my wife, to them I was a life long friend that she had recently reestablished contact with (which is perfectly true, and legally we’re not actually married in the eyes of the state).  Watching her on the couch with these two men and seeing how they reacted to her gave me a thrill for so many reasons.  Ironically it was his friend that was much more aggressive in coming onto her and had the mental acuity to keep pace with her and challenge her on various topics of conversation.  All of the obvious signals were there and we spent the rest of the night bar hopping until there was no where left to hop.  Nothing else came of this encounter that night but it was the experience that flipped the switch for us.  Since then it’s been a wild exciting ride and everyone benefits!

At about 2am she was done and I drove down to pick her up, she had a smile on her face and that is what I love to see.  With that much time spent out together they obviously had a good time, we drove home and she gave me the highlights.  Completely incompatible!  Oh well, that is going to happen, so we spent the next several hours watching one of our favorite comedians, laughing and cuddling until about 5:00am.  Eat, drink, enjoy & make love!

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