Avocado Tartare + Cilantro oil

by salaciousjade

I can’t eat avocados myself, something to do with the texture and having grown up under a butter avocado tree…BUT I will be making this for Jade someday. Eat, drink, enjoy & make love!


Modern cuisine has a tendency to overwhelm.  It’s a highly complex and esoteric movement that attracts new ingredients, new techniques, and eccentric, ego-driven chefs who fancy themselves scientists.  The vast majority of human beings – myself included – are dumbfounded by the ability of these chefs to transform perfectly ordinary ingredients into such abstract, almost extraterrestrial forms.

Haute cuisine is so dissected and deconstructed these days, so removed from reality.  If you don’t believe me just walk into molecular gastronomist Wylie Dufresne‘s wd-50 and order an omelette.  You’ll probably get something foamy in a martini glass.

This is a stereotype, of course.  And although most stereotypes are rooted in a seed of truth, not all modern cuisine is as stuffy and pretentious as the critics make it out to be.  A number of those eccentric, ego-driven chefs I so graciously described above haven’t lost touch with reality – at…

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