It’s my fault, and I love it. *Adut Content*

by salaciousjade

Insatiability.  Jade can seemingly go for no more than 18 hours without getting fucked before she begins her decent into madness.  It is a convenient fit, her and I as she craves it while I long to give it and know she gets it…from me or anyone else we approve of, it doesn’t matter so long as I know she is getting what she needs and wants.  Jade apologized to me the other day, “I am sorry you married such a whore” she said to me in a sultry voice with her trademark seductive siren look upon her face.  I smiled and replied simply “I made you the whore you are….things are as they should be.” with a smile.  We were the quintessential high school couple couple…I took her virginity, she took my heart in exchange and now we are what we always should have been.  Neither of us are sure the world is ready.  Eat, drink, enjoy & make love!