A Word of Caution

I do not believe it is uncommon for couples to fantasize about being with other people.  Less common may be those that explore this possibility.  Let this post serve as a word of caution to those considering the potential of their spouse or partner being with another but not yet having taken that leap in their relationship.  Know what you want and why you want it.  Communicate what you want and why you want it to your partner before anything is done that cannot be undone.  Be confident in yourself and your relationship.  While it can be extremely thrilling to think of the reality of such a fantasy coming to pass, the reality of dealing with the emotional fallout can be potentially devastating.  This is not something that should be done out of an act of desperation to save a failing relationship.  It is my belief that unless you are confident in yourself and confident in the foundation of your relationship, experimenting with this relatively common fantasy could be detrimental to your relationship and ultimately to you.  However, if you are confident in yourself and in your relationship then it can conversely be extremely inspiring, exciting and invigorating.  When in doubt, don’t act out.  Back burner the idea, come back to center in your relationship then revisit the idea…and in the mean time…Eat, drink, enjoy & make love!