The Waitress *Adult Content*

Our waitress is young, European, a dirty blonde and married.  The restaurant is hip and loud, the place blurs the line between indoor and outdoor seating.  The air is humid and fitting for the south east Asian cuisine being served.  She’s attentive, our waitress is.  Polite, quiet, demure and unobtrusively beautiful.  We’re eating with family but Jade’s attention is not on the conversation, her mind is set on our waitress and how well she serves.  Leaning over in her chair, her eyes set upon the serving girl she whispers in my ear “that’s my kind of woman,” then rights herself and brings her focus back to the gathering at hand.  The bottles of wine are now as empty as the plates at the end of our meal and the rest of our congregation departs for the comfort of their home and beds.  Jade and I linger for another drink or two at the table, watching, admiring and casually conversing with our server.  My wife excuses herself to the restroom as we are getting ready to go and much to my surprise slips her number to the waitress as she is closing up at the serving station.  Since then she’s been the focus of more than a few of our fantasies.  Here’s to hoping we get a call from her some day.  Eat, drink, enjoy & make love!