A New Find

My newest find.


I love finding new things; fabulous, fashionable and colorful things.  Walking through a department store this weekend as per our usual weekend rounds we pass through the men’s department.  We both love shoes.  Often I find myself thinking it would have been much more fun to have been born a women for their greatly superior choices in fashion over men.  While I have my fetishes, cross-dressing isn’t one of them so generally speaking I spend more time admiring women’s fashion that I can envision Jade wearing than I do shopping for myself.  This particular weekend was an exception.  Not only had I stumbled upon a wonderful deal on a great watch and a Psycho Bunny button down dress shirt earlier in the weekend but Sunday, I find these loafers.  Now, initially it was the brown suede DACIO2 by Donald Pliner that caught my eye, however the store did not have my size except in these black suede ones.  I tried on the brown first and walked over to where Jade was.  It was later confessed to me that her first thought was ‘those are the gayest shoes I’ve ever seen’ but after a second or two of looking at them she really liked them on my feet.  Jade has a much more refined sense of fashion then I do, so when she likes something that I do as well I know it is nothing to pass up.  As it happened the black suede pair was on sale!  So we got them of course.  Now the funniest part of the day came when later at home we were cleaning and as things finished up I took out the shoes to admire them again.  “Just promise me you’re not gay.  That in five years you’re not going to tell me you tried your best to suppress it” and I just laughed.  I love fashion and I love color but a homosexual that does not make.  “I can’t promise you I’m not bi, but I promise you I am not gay” was my reply and we both laughed as that plays into our mutually shared fantasies.  Eat, drink, enjoy & make love!