Fashion, Fetish & Fetish Fashion


There is an inextricable connection between the worlds of fetish and fashion; hence we have fetish fashion and those who have elevated there love of fashion to a fetish.  I have my fetishes, I am sure they will become apparent over the course of Salaciousjade’s existence and I love fashion.  In particular fashion that blurs the boundaries between styles, genres, gender etc.  This photo is from

The key to executing what in my mind constitutes a successful edgy, blurring of the boundaries is the just that, the blurring.  When the various components become almost indistinguishable when the ensemble is viewed as a whole, like the amazing dish that was served to you at your favorite restaurant comprised of ten or fifteen ingredients.  You don’t taste the fennel or the lemon peel, you don’t taste the cumin or anise…you taste the dish and there is harmony between the ingredients.

Take the outfit in this photo.  This is what I see; the hat (Heather Huey), the veil (Maison Michel), the dress (Stella McCartney), the shoes (Christian Siriano) and the handbag\clutch (Alexander McQueen) all amazing and together they work very well.  The shoes with the studs laid on the inside of the heel, the handbag with the corset lacing element communicate the fetish.  The polka dots in the dress bring an element of classic 50’s pin up but the geometry of the curves take us into the modern.  A great hat and veil add dramatic effect.  In my mind this is where it should have stopped.  The harness (Fleet Ilya) and cuffs (The Leather Man) I am sure they are amazingly crafted products and likely effective for their intended purpose, though when applied here they serve no purpose other than distracting from the other excellent elements.

Take the shape and design of the harness, drop it down over the hips instead of wearing it above the waist and use it as the foundation for a skirt.  It is great, but it belongs on another outfit.  The dress is sleek while the cuffs bulky,  I can see the value of incorporating cuffs into this concept but another material choice, say rubber which generally does not carry so much bulk and can be shined to give a sleek effect.

Everything in this photo is beautiful.  But to do each element justice, they should be grouped better and displayed as components of two separate ensembles.  Eat, drink, enjoy & make love!