A Confession to Jade *Adult Content*

I have known Jade for about 17 years now.  There have been many things, many experiences and many days in my life I have forgotten or fail to recall, the first time I laid eyes on her however, will never be one of them.  I was sitting with a childhood friend watching the morning and its inhabitants go by when I saw her.  “Who is that?” I asked of my friend, “Oh, that’s Jade” he replied and I thought to myself, ‘she might not know it yet, but there is a beautiful and uninhibited woman in there’.  I knew from that moment she was the one I wanted.  Now flash forward to today, we’ve spent about 4 of the 17 years we’ve known each other together, the other 13 were spent apart living our own lives while still loving each other.  Two years in the beginning and now two years reunited.  We’re coming into a period of insatiability in our relationship from a sexual standpoint and began sharing fantasies over text messages while I was out of the house today.  One thing led to another as they often do and I made a confession to her.  “I saw it written all over you the moment I laid eyes on you” I wrote to her “Is that fantasy or for real?” she asked in response to which  I answered “It’s the truth.”  She indicated I’d never told her that before and I said she was right, because until recently I was unsure as to how she would react.  Share often, openly and honestly.  Eat, drink, enjoy and make love!