Breakfast is Served *Adult Content*

Jade’s favorite time for making love is just as she’s waking up, though don’t be mistaken as she’s no morning person – “good morning” is a swear word in our household. “Groggy sex” she calls it and I can’t complain.  This morning I woke up earlier than usual and rather than going back to bed for another hour or so I decided to use the extra time to be leisurely in getting ready for the day.  A long shower, a careful shave, reading etc.

This particular morning I left my collar stays in the bedroom so I quietly slip in through the door as to not wake her unnecessarily.  Unfortunately (or fortunately as it were) I was not quiet enough and she began to stir.  Laying there, sprawled across our king sized bed with her delicious 32c breasts spilling out above the white sheet laying at an angle over her ribcage and narrow waist her eyes fluttered open and looked up to me.  Looking down upon my siren in the sheets, fully dressed for a day full of meetings she kicks the sheet down, twisting and writhing “if you can’t fuck me, please at least just touch me before you leave” she pleas.  Now, we live in a hot and at times very humid climate; vigorous sex means sweating and I’ve just finished showering and getting ready for my day.

I look down at her and with out a moment’s hesitation I reach for my belt unfastening it, my fingers releasing the button on my slacks letting them fall about my ankles before stepping out of them and pulling my shirt up over my head.  She’s addicted to me and I am to her, I need to feel my cock pressing against the resistance of her tight little pussy and she craves to feel me inside her.  She’s a double zero dress size just shy of a hundred pounds soaking wet holding a brick, so when I say tight I mean it and she knows how to use it.

Propping a pillow up under her hips she lifts herself up for me, her legs spread wide and I smile as I position myself, feeling the crown of my head pierce her entrance.  Spreading her as I slowly push myself in completely eventually sinking in as far as her comfort will allow I take what is mine.  She tenses, flexing the muscles in her pelvic floor, her pussy milking around me…squeezing and releasing in rhythmic pulses like a warm wet velvet glove about a size too small around my cock.  Her lips part, and short fevered gasps escape from between them; I think to myself as I do each time I see her like this ‘this is when she needs a cock in her mouth, to silence her wanton siren songs’.  She looks up to me, her almond shaped brown eyes glazing over “I’ve been a naughty little slut” she proclaims as I shift my hips into gear and ramp up the pace.  It’s ecstasy fucking her, it’s like our bodies were built for each other.  I know she’s had bigger and she admits to liking to work for it from time to time but she takes me perfectly.  She often inspires me to stay hard through multiple orgasms.  Laying over her, my fists in the mattress at her sides I look down on her.  It’s a special feeling fucking such a beautiful woman whom I know is mine before I head off to the office.  Pulling my slacks back up she rolls over onto her knees, breasts pressed down against the mattress with her arms spread out above her head.  Her brunette hair spills across the white sheets, some of it matted in sweat against her cheek and neck….her waist narrows, wasp like above her hips.  It’s perfect for a corset and I look upon the hourglass kneeling before me..her ass and cunt are in perfect view and I shake my head from side to side, imagining a bondage tie I’ve not yet put her in.  “You are dangerous for my career” I say with a soft chuckle while redressing, “How can I focus on work when I know this is what is at home in bed for me?”  I know this is every bit intentional on her part, she’s knows what she is and what she’s capable of.  Honestly I am not sure who submits to who sometimes in our relationship, but then again I like my lines blurred so it matters not.

Call me weak but I cannot resist it and I drop down in place behind her, my face meeting her back side  as I lay a series of kisses and languishing laps of my tongue across her freshly fucked pussy.  Breakfast of champions.  We often joke between us that I have a few canary feathers stuck between my teeth which need plucking out, and it’s true.  Everyday I feel like the cat that ate the canary and love every moment of it.  She often says that Cleopatra could seduce a man at thirty feet; she can do it at a hundred and it’s equally true.  Eat, drink, enjoy & make love!