Fashion High

I have not been high in a long time.  It has been nearly 3 years since I’ve taken a pill, smoked, snorted or had the endorphin rush of spending hours on end on the dance floor, hammering it out to the cacophony of sound that was the club scene in the late 90’s – early 2000s.  It was at Last Call when I got high today, Jade and I had already been shopping for hours and the store was near to closing when we saw them; a skirt by Nina Ricci and a gown by Zac Posen.  We took them into the dressing room and I sat back in a chair unaware of what exactly I was in for as I watched jade slip out of her dress before the three way mirror.

Nina Ricci was up first.  It was as if the fit model had been Jade’s clone, this skirt was made for Jade.  A light weight material, a slight reflective quality hinting towards silk but I am not sure.  She stood before me, in front of the mirrors with her black brazier, her wedge heels and this skirt.  It framed her hips like a classic pencil skirt though the front was gathered just below the waist with two pockets providing for a sense of dimension the traditional sleek flat lines of a pencil skirt often lack.  The print was small and floral, not generally my taste but this worked.  This worked very well and I knew she must have it.  In my minds eye she is walking through the East Village, poised, immaculately self styled and owning it.

Next up is Zac Posen.  I had never seen something like this before; strapless and form fitting above the waist, it flowed down into a billowy crimson pool which fed into a slight train.  The unique aspect of this gown was that the seams were raw, frayed and the  material extended beyond where it would normally providing for a sense of unfinished creation.  Dynamic and raw.  Again, it was as if this dress had been made for Jade’s body.  I was in awe and at this moment I felt it.  My attention focused on my beautiful Jade before me, the rest of the world ceasing to exist.  Clarity; regardless of how it is, this is how it should be.

Alas, like any high there is the coming down on the back side of things.  The Nina Ricci is stashed away in the back and I very well may go pick it up when the doors open tomorrow, hoping to catch it before it goes back out on the rack.  Sadly for now the Zac Posen will have to wait.  This gown may very well be my Moby Dick, there will come a day when I will search for it again and when I find it Jade will own it.  In the mean time; eat, drink, enjoy & make love!