There are many things this blog will explore but there will be two main themes; human sexuality and fashion. This blog is not intended to be blatantly pornographic but will include material that some may deem as indecent. For those that are offended by alternative lifestyles or for those that are not of legal age in their country to view material of a sexual & adult themed nature, please do the right thing and politely excuse yourself now. For the rest of us please, let me introduce myself. For the purposes of this blog my name is Paparazzi and my wife / life-partner is Jade. We are fashionistas, epicureans, and all around indulgent people. This blog will be my means of sharing in our exploits and explorations. Eat, drink, enjoy and make love.

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It’s my fault, and I love it. *Adut Content*

Insatiability.  Jade can seemingly go for no more than 18 hours without getting fucked before she begins her decent into madness.  It is a convenient fit, her and I as she craves it while I long to give it and know she gets it…from me or anyone else we approve of, it doesn’t matter so long as I know she is getting what she needs and wants.  Jade apologized to me the other day, “I am sorry you married such a whore” she said to me in a sultry voice with her trademark seductive siren look upon her face.  I smiled and replied simply “I made you the whore you are….things are as they should be.” with a smile.  We were the quintessential high school couple couple…I took her virginity, she took my heart in exchange and now we are what we always should have been.  Neither of us are sure the world is ready.  Eat, drink, enjoy & make love!

The Waitress *Adult Content*

Our waitress is young, European, a dirty blonde and married.  The restaurant is hip and loud, the place blurs the line between indoor and outdoor seating.  The air is humid and fitting for the south east Asian cuisine being served.  She’s attentive, our waitress is.  Polite, quiet, demure and unobtrusively beautiful.  We’re eating with family but Jade’s attention is not on the conversation, her mind is set on our waitress and how well she serves.  Leaning over in her chair, her eyes set upon the serving girl she whispers in my ear “that’s my kind of woman,” then rights herself and brings her focus back to the gathering at hand.  The bottles of wine are now as empty as the plates at the end of our meal and the rest of our congregation departs for the comfort of their home and beds.  Jade and I linger for another drink or two at the table, watching, admiring and casually conversing with our server.  My wife excuses herself to the restroom as we are getting ready to go and much to my surprise slips her number to the waitress as she is closing up at the serving station.  Since then she’s been the focus of more than a few of our fantasies.  Here’s to hoping we get a call from her some day.  Eat, drink, enjoy & make love!

A Word of Caution

I do not believe it is uncommon for couples to fantasize about being with other people.  Less common may be those that explore this possibility.  Let this post serve as a word of caution to those considering the potential of their spouse or partner being with another but not yet having taken that leap in their relationship.  Know what you want and why you want it.  Communicate what you want and why you want it to your partner before anything is done that cannot be undone.  Be confident in yourself and your relationship.  While it can be extremely thrilling to think of the reality of such a fantasy coming to pass, the reality of dealing with the emotional fallout can be potentially devastating.  This is not something that should be done out of an act of desperation to save a failing relationship.  It is my belief that unless you are confident in yourself and confident in the foundation of your relationship, experimenting with this relatively common fantasy could be detrimental to your relationship and ultimately to you.  However, if you are confident in yourself and in your relationship then it can conversely be extremely inspiring, exciting and invigorating.  When in doubt, don’t act out.  Back burner the idea, come back to center in your relationship then revisit the idea…and in the mean time…Eat, drink, enjoy & make love!

A Confession to Jade *Adult Content*

I have known Jade for about 17 years now.  There have been many things, many experiences and many days in my life I have forgotten or fail to recall, the first time I laid eyes on her however, will never be one of them.  I was sitting with a childhood friend watching the morning and its inhabitants go by when I saw her.  “Who is that?” I asked of my friend, “Oh, that’s Jade” he replied and I thought to myself, ‘she might not know it yet, but there is a beautiful and uninhibited woman in there’.  I knew from that moment she was the one I wanted.  Now flash forward to today, we’ve spent about 4 of the 17 years we’ve known each other together, the other 13 were spent apart living our own lives while still loving each other.  Two years in the beginning and now two years reunited.  We’re coming into a period of insatiability in our relationship from a sexual standpoint and began sharing fantasies over text messages while I was out of the house today.  One thing led to another as they often do and I made a confession to her.  “I saw it written all over you the moment I laid eyes on you” I wrote to her “Is that fantasy or for real?” she asked in response to which  I answered “It’s the truth.”  She indicated I’d never told her that before and I said she was right, because until recently I was unsure as to how she would react.  Share often, openly and honestly.  Eat, drink, enjoy and make love!

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