Uncovering A Hotwife *Adult Content*

Hotwife: “A married woman that enjoys having sexual affairs outside of her marriage and has the blessings and encouragement of her husband.”

This was something I was not aware there was a term for until about a year or so ago.  Jade and I started sharing our fantasies as a means to connect and as source material for our moments of dirty talk.  In one such session while she was writhing on her back with my fingers lodged deeply inside her, she came out with it “There’s someone else out there I want to fuck!” she exclaimed breathlessly.  Naturally my eyebrow lifted in curiosity and interest and I probed her for more details while probing with increased vigor inside her pussy which, had become noticeably wetter. “Who?” I asked as my hand became a blur between her thighs to which she shook her head “I…I don’t know” she managed out between lustful gasps.  I was already hard, but hearing this turned my cock into a shaft feeling like it was filled with concrete.

I already knew she had a three way once before and loved the experience, and knowing how lustful she is in general I took a leap in our dirty talk.  Pulling my fingers from her dripping and quivering hole I got on my knees between her splayed thighs…poised at her entrance I looked down upon her heaving chest and flushed face “You just can’t get enough cock, can you?” I asked, my voice steady and gravelly; evidence of my own inflamed passion.  “I need it!” exclaimed Jade, as I taunted her…touching her but not entering.  “What do you need?” was my reply as I smiled to myself, watching this lustful flower blossom before me “Your cock” she cried back and with that I pushed passed her lips until just my phallic head was rooted inside her and I paused, “You need much more than just my cock, don’t you?” I pressed while sinking into her with an agonizingly slow motion.  “Yes…yes, I do” she called back in something between a whimper and a lustful moan.  With that I gave it to her, the rest of my shaft sinking in to the hilt giving her at least some of what she craves.

Since then the subject of her taking on other lovers with or without me present has been the subject of many a dirty talking conversation and many more rational, serious conversations on the subject.  There is only one reason I can be open in sharing my wife with other men; in the 13 or so years we spent apart she was almost married more than once.  Engaged to men that are much better looking than I, infinitely wealthier, men who could put the world at her feet and each time she walked away.  Why?  Because they were not me.  Without this level of trust, regardless of how much the idea turns me on, sharing her with others is not something I would so easily have considered.

Since her unveiling as a hotwife, we’ve walked down that path only once.  She’s had a few dates and has another tonight.  I look forward to her coming home to see if she’s found a winner with this one.  Eat, drink, enjoy & make love!